Saturday, July 6, 2013

Trinidad Miracles

We experienced a must-be-recorded miracle since my last post and bid farewell to the Browns. 
 Here we all were at the farewell lunch at Fridays in Chaguanas.  Even President and Sister Mehr joined us to send them off with our love and best wishes. Back row from left. Gublers, Mehrs, Monsons, Blacks (she's in front of him), Sister Ray, Reeses and Browns in the middle.
 Elder Monson said we needed to take a picture of this billboard since once inflation hits America, the price for the hamburger will be accurate!
 How many CEPEP workers does it take to watch a dump truck unload a bed of asphalt?
 These darling babies, new members of the church, were blessed at church recently. 
 Little brother went first
 Walking back to his seat all pleased
 Big Sister's turn
After the blessing, the new bishop, who is an American married to a local Trinidadian with two beautiful children, stood up as he was conducting the meeting and said, "wow, that was awesome.  It is the first baby blessing I have participated in where, at the close of the blessing, the baby said, Amen!"
 We had a YSA beach activity that was a service project and activities day.  Here is Sister SuePaul and Bro. SuePaul taking charge and doing a fabulous job!  The sky was blue and it looked perfect!
 We started the clean-up, (there is garbage everywhere here) and made some serious head way working for the first hour or so.  Find Elder Monson?
 As we set out all the food on the table for lunch, the skies turned black and poured buckets of rain.  We quick covered the food and huddled under two umbrellas while everyone else ran for cover under a nearby pavilion or in vehicles.  We held the lids on top of the food while the wind raged and soaked us. 
I shared with the YSA's with me under the umbrella that when I was raising my children and we needed a miracle, we would combine our faith with constant prayer by taking turns praying.  So we went around the circle taking turns pleading with the Lord that if  possible and according to His will, would He please temper the weather so we could continue having the YSA activity to which they had so looked forward. When we had all prayed twice, going around the circle of people clutching the umbrellas over the food, the sky cleared, the rain stopped and we gave a prayer of gratitude before everyone returned to have lunch.  It reminded me of when I was a part-time missionary at the Hill Cumorah pageant in New York when the same thing happened, only the whole cast prayed together until the rain stopped and the show continued that night.  These experiences fill my heart so full I can barely write these words.  I am so thankful that Heavenly Father hears and answers prayers.
 After lunch, we began some fun activities!  Tug of war was a hit!
 Group Volleyball
 Three legged races
 Six legged races and relay races!
It was an amazing day!  How good is this mission??  I love these wonderful young people!  I had no idea Rhonda had to eat my wonderful mission hair while this picture was being taken!  Just as we were packing up to leave, the rain started again.  Such a blessed day!

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  1. We miss you cute Brother and Sister Monson! I love reading your blog and am inspired so much. I feel your love of the people and the gospel, so for that I thank you!!! We went to Kauai last week and talked of you often -- we ate at the Kountry Kitchen, Brick Oven and visited many of "our" beach spots that you showed us on our first trip. You are in our prayers and we hope all is awesome in your world in Trinidad. LOVE you - Jill (and Lynn!)